Wonderful traditional Japanese technology.

This is an inn in Saitama prefecture, but the roof of the house here is a thatched roof.
Thatched roofs are famous as the original scenery of Japan, but in modern times, they are decreasing due to the shortage of craftsmen.
Even so, the house here is maintained by the owner himself, so you can still see the beautiful roof.
Looking at the roof, it looks as good as a craftsman doing maintenance.
Recently, the house here was published in the newspaper, but it has such a famous roof.
Many people who are interested in traditional Japanese culture will visit.

I observed the insects in the mountains.

I went to an inn in Saitama prefecture and observed insects in the mountains.
At night, a big light is used to illuminate the mountains and hold an event to collect insects.
As time goes by, various insects gather in the light.
Moths, longhorn beetles, cicadas, stag beetles, etc. gather, so it’s fun to watch.
Especially children were excited when stag beetles gathered.
I had a very enjoyable night and it was a good memory.



I stayed at my original house in Japan.

The house we stayed in will be a building that has been around since the Edo period.
The underfloor is well ventilated, so the building is designed to last a long time.
The interior of the room has an era atmosphere reminiscent of those days and is very comfortable.
The roof is a thatched roof, and now there are no craftsmen, so it seems that the husband is doing maintenance.
This inn is an inn in Saitama prefecture, and every year it becomes lively with fans of thatched roofs.
If you are interested in thatched roofs, please visit. It will surely be a good memory.